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Understand the theory and learn methods to heal through the power of sound and vibrations over the 6-week course with Sounds Heals.  Samantha, your tutor, will facilitate the group’s engagement in the social structure of the class;  working together to understand what it feels like to transform the energy of your healing intentions into an individually tailored learning experience.

Sound healing is based on the principle that everything in the universe is in vibration. Vibration creates resonance. The human body resonates in harmonious balance with all its parts, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Imbalance, or disharmony, interrupts the flow of energy through the body. Imbalances in any of these bodies cause stress which produces negative resonance and dis-ease. Sound realigns the body by returning its homeostatic balance. Sound waves enter the physical body at a cellular level and the cells respond with sympathetic resonance to restore health. The key to effective sound healing is the intention to allow healing energy to inspire the sound used in the treatment.

Course Timetable

Wednesdays 10.00 am to 12.00 pm
12th September to 17th October

£250 per person for the 6 session course

Week 1: What is Sound Healing?
12th September

Brief history of this interdisciplinary modality, what is healing and how it’s done, introduction to toning and using our voice (no previous vocal training needed, working with our energy.


Week 2: Using Sound as a Holistic Modality: How do we Heal?
19th September

Introduction to meditation, toning, using pitch and frequency for specific therapeutic goals, musical intervals and tuning forks in practice.


Week 3: Using Sound with Chimes, Bells, Rattles, and Himalayan Bowls
26th September

Guided meditation, working on energetic perception, learning to use instruments for generating energy, breathing techniques.


Week4: Introduction to the Chakras (energy centres in the body) for healing
3rd October

Going within: what are we feeling as we work with each other.  This is the point at which our understanding of the hands-on practice of healing connects with our intention to relieve suffering and clear blocked energy channels: we begin to feel what healing could be. We will use our voice and tuning forks as we work on each other.


Week 5: Practice using the sounds we make with Voice, Himalayan Bowls, and other percussion; Setting our intention to heal
10th October

A hands-on practical session using the vibrations of voice and instruments for relaxation, cleansing, and establishing patterns of healing.


Week6: Introduction to healing mantras in Sanskrit
17th October

Further practice, summing up what we have learned, and preparing for healing with clients.

About Samantha

Samantha has worked as a professional musician for 37 years and a sound healing practitioner for 6 years. She first trained as a classical musician in piano at the Juilliard School of Music and started training in holistic modalities 20 years ago, more recently with Simon Heather at the College of Sound Healing, of which she is a member.

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