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In the Footsteps of Turner & Cotman pt. 2

Full Day Watercolour Workshop
with Peter David Scott

In this workshop we will be drawing and painting on location at the wonderful Howden Minster, and at Bishops Manor. Painting outdoors is very enjoyable and rewarding but it can sometimes be quite difficult even to choose a good subject, never mind to draw it.

Throughout history, artists have sought ways of ways to make it all a bit easier and many instruments were invented to help. Artists like Da Vinci, Vermeer and Van Gogh all used such devices, and we will have the opportunity to try out some of these ingenious drawing aids to help us make our paintings.

The Claude Glass is now almost unknown, but was was once the essential companion of landscape artists and grand-tourists. It was small, concave black mirror thought to show a more picturesque version of a landscape framed within the glass.

We will try this 18th century ‘Instagram filter’, to look ‘through a glass darkly’ and help us find our own pleasing view.

There will be a range of other interesting drawing instruments available for you to try. You may already be familiar with the name Camera Obscura, but this workshop will give you the chance to see first hand how one works and judge whether they are a practical help in designing and drawing a picture.

The workshop will be in 2 parts divided by lunch and the order will depend on the weather.

In the unfortunate event of rain, we will paint inside the Minster and Bishops Manor.

Course Timetable

Thursday 8th July 2021
10:00 am to 4.00 pm

£60 per person

This workshop is most suitable for those with previous drawing &/or painting experience to get the most out of the day.

Picture Making

 Starting in Bishops Manor, Peter will introduce a few valuable techniques for composing a picture and drawing buildings successfully outdoors. Students will be supplied with a simple handheld viewing frame to help find a pleasing picture from the broader scene.

Then we will venture out to the Minster (100m walking distance)  to make a drawing or watercolour.

Drawing Aids : Do they work and should we use them?

On the grassy area outside Bishops Manor, there will be a series of drawing aids set up for students to try. Students will then make a drawing or painting of the trees and frontage of Bishops Manor, using one of the instruments to help if they wish.

The Drawing Aids

Claude Glass
Durer’s Sportello
Perspective Grid
Box Camera obscura

Howden Minster

You Will Need

Paper  – At least 2 sheets of watercolour paper (around A3).

             Something to rest on if not in a pad.

A small sketchbook or notebook to plan your picture.




A small set of watercolours (or watercolour crayons if preferred).


Jam jar for water.

Folding chair.

Packed lunch.

We Will Provide

A small viewing frame to keep.

There will be some extra materials available (please ask if you need anything).

Tea, coffee and cake.

About Peter

Peter is an award-winning illustrator with nearly 50 solo books published worldwide. He has been commissioned by most of the well-known publishing houses, including Reader’s Digest, Harper Collins, Random House, Bloomsbury, Dorling Kindersley and 16 children’s books for Usborne. He has also worked in television, advertising and regularly in magazines, supplying all the artwork for the monthly column ‘Hidden Britain’ in BBC Wildlife magazine. His artwork has been exhibited in London, Norwich and many venues in his native Yorkshire as well as the ‘Art of the Picture Book’ exhibition as part of the Guildford Book Festival. He has a large watercolour in the permanent collection of ‘Nature in Art’ in Gloucestershire. His artwork was selected for the Association of Illustrators annual in 2012. Peter has recently completed watercolour artworks for new books ‘For the Love of Boats’, the children’s book ‘Finger Rhymes’ and the geology book ‘Essex Rock’. Peter has taught painting and drawing in various media for over 25 years and currently runs several popular classes and workshops.

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